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Welcome to Fran-paign,
the Campaign of Fran.

This page will be used to record interesting events that transpire during adventures, treasure and experience attained, and as a database of
resources for easy reference.

Current players: 6

Sessions played: 1

Current status: resting in Sandpoint after driving Black Fang from his lair

Next session: Sat Sep 14 @ 1-5 pm


  • Kyshra, a mute half-elf bard who unintentionally murdered his foster mother
  • Carlton, a human preservationist alchemist searching for reagents
  • Sassafras, a half-elf hunter from Kassen, and her wolf Balto
  • Za’run, a half-orc inquisitor raised by clerics of Abadar
  • Emily’s PC [paladin]
  • Carcia’s PC [rogue]

Home Page

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